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How to Complete this Application

Please read these instructions before you begin the application.

  1. Complete the information on each tab of the application. Instructions are at the top of each tab and required fields are indicated in red.
  2. When you have completed all section, click "Submit Application" to check for completeness and send us your application.
  3. On the page that follows, you will have the ability to securely upload copies of your complete federal tax returns based on the following:

Total Royal Credit Union business loans including your current request(s) Additional information required
$50,000 or less Tax returns are not required at the time your application is submitted.
$50,001 - $500,000 The most current complete federal tax return for each business and owner on your application.

Please take a minute to locate these and have them in an electronic format. If you do not have them electronically, you will be given other options for sending us this information.
To get to know you and your business better, you may be required to provide additional information as your application is reviewed and processed.
Credit Request
Tell us about the type of business loan or service you would like. You can add additional requests and collateral by clicking the links at the bottom left. Click the red X to the right of a request or collateral to remove it.
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Business Information
Tell us about your business. If you would like to have one of your other businesses guarantee your loan, click Add Another Business in the bottom left. Click the red X to the right of a business to remove it.
Business 001
Other Business Information
Existing Business Loans (including Royal Credit Union debt)
Tell us about the business loans you currently have. Please include any business loan at Royal Credit Union or another financial. Click the red X to the right of a loan to remove it.

If no business loans exist please continue by clicking next tab.

Business 001
Tell us about yourself and any other owners of your business. Click the link at the bottom left to include anyone with 20% or more ownership in your business. Click the red X to the right of an individual to remove them.
Owner 001
Click the link in the bottom left to add anyone with 20% or more ownership in your business.
Please select a business structure on the business info tab before selecting a title or role in business.


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Individual's contribution to Line 7 on Form 1040
Required for individuals who reside in the following community property states: WI, CA, ID, LA, NV, NM, TX, WA
Additional Info
E-Sign Disclosure
Before proceeding you must confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the disclosure below. If you cannot view the disclosure, click on the Adobe Reader icon to download the latest version.

Click here to view the E-SIGN Act Disclosure

Legal Copy and Signature

The undersigned represents that the information contained in and accompanying this application is true and correct to his or her knowledge and was given to induce the lender to grant the request(s) for which this application was made and further states that no information that may relate to the credit worthiness of the undersigned has been omitted. The undersigned authorizes the lender or its agent to verify the information submitted herein with credit bureaus, employers, and any references listed in the application. The lender may at his option, cancel any commitment or loan granted if: this application contains any false or misleading information; in its opinion, the credit investigation discloses any unsatisfactory credit record; a title examination discloses unsatisfactory conditions that are not correctable within a reasonable time; the undersigned has borrowed any portion of the investment or equity in a property not indicated in this application; or any phase of new construction on a property is started before the lender’s security instrument has been recorded. This application shall remain the property of this institution.

I consent to the terms and conditions as described above, and to receive disclosures and notices electronically.

Please upload your tax return if the loan request is greater than $50,000.